Thursday, November 1, 2012

Parker - Butler Beats Vol1

My man Parker is at it again, and this time he's taking no prisoners, making no apologies, going in HARD baby (insert DMX/Westwood growls/barks here). A heavy new mixtape released today from the Bristol legend, this one ain't for the faint hearted ;) Big and bassy with some cracking grimey lyrics, Parker (as usual) manages to serve it up with depth and soul, combining the aforementioned filth with house and trip hop elements. As always a pioneering selection of tunes put together just how any DJ should aspire to, layered up with his usual grin enducing samples and cuts Qbert would be proud of.

Get your ears around it, share it, blog it and tell him he's clever / give him love. Ohh, and definately subscribe to his mailing list for all the latest and greatest Parker shiz!

Parker Facebook
Parker Soundcloud

Monday, October 15, 2012

Eminence Funk from Jayl Funk

Proper corker of a new track from one of my favourite producers - Jayl Funk. A heavy disco inspired party rocker that I'm sure will tear up dance floors across planet FUNK! ;)

He reckons it's a good one to end a set one, and I'd agree - to be honest you could probably start with this one too! Either way, complete banger and nice to hear something a little different. I caught Dam Funk live the other night and that has got me right in a disco mood of late so this one's getting snapped straight up for me. Mastered by another big favourite of mine too - The Basement Freaks.

Special pre-sale copies are available here

Follow Jayl Funk for a host of breaks and funk on his soundcloud and catch him on Facebook for more goodies

And here of course is the track in question....


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Other Tribe - Bristol boys done good

Recently brought to my attention are the Bristol based 6 piece live band - "The Other Tribe" who play "Live techno with a tribal edge" as they put it. These guys are clearly on the up and up, after some serious radio coverage recently and they reached the top 40 this week with their subtly unique dance sound.

I'll be honest, I flippin love the production values on their single "Skirts" and the video is really cool - shot in Bristol too! Brapples for that one ;) A nice mixed vibe of housey techno with some soulful lyrics (love their vocals and stage presence) Skirts manages to tick both the chill out and rave it up boxes. So overall a massive thumbs up from me. Please go check out all the relevant links below and most important of all - BUY THEIR MUSIC!

Peas and rice

Soulsbury x

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rackabeat Vs Mr Soulsbury at The Farm, Bristol. This Friday!

It's going DOWN this Friday, me and my laughter twin (yes we both laugh in the same mildly camp way when we've had a few / are excited) are going head to head on the decks. Let's have it! :)

Come down, drink, dance, smile and witness what's guaranteed to be an "energetic performance of disc jocking".

Peep one of his podcasts he does with Barlow over 'ere like:

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dj Richy J - Hands up mix

Lovely tight mix from the man who seems to have the South West of England sewn up in terms of reppin the Ghetto Funk and Nu-Breaks. All the usual suspects in here, a proper stormer of a party mix. Get on it, share it, show him some love and most of all - DANCE!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Howlin' Wolf K+Lab remix

This is MASSIVE!!!! One of the dopest beats, one of the heaviest basslines, and sampling one of my favourite blues artists Howlin' Wolf. Put all this together in the beat laboratory with K+Lab and what have you got? My hot to trot remix of the mother funkin' week that's what you've got!

Get it in your badman faces, this is getting some serious club airing from me...

Please show love in all the usual ways (online love anyway) If his page hits 2k likes he'll release this as a free DL:


Laters x

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Hully Gully Live Promo Mix

I'm back in Cardiff at the end of the month playing at The Hully Gully at the wonderful Gwdihw bar, and thought I'd record a little live promo mix. All the usual fun stuff, hope you enjoy and get down to the Hully Gully on the 29th September, last time it was rammed road block carnage :) Can't WAIT to get back in there and smash the place up again ;)