Monday, January 24, 2011

Eccentric Audio, the new Smoove & Turrell album!

Well well, aren't I a lucky boy? Thanks to the lovely management team behind Smoove and Turrell and Mr Craig Charles (thanks Ema!) - I got myself an advance copy of S&T's new album "Eccentric Audio".

Boom tings indeed me dears.

Not an easy blog post to right "a review of one of your fav bands new album" I can tell you that. And not wanting to rush it I've officially 'lived' with the album for over a week now. She's been with me through mellow mondays, cheeky mid week cocktails, hyperactive friday afternoons and the inevitable public transport hangover hell on a saturday morning. And I can whole heartedly say that as a follow up to their hugely successful 2010 release "Antique Soul" this album does not disappoint.

The northern funk legends that are Smoove and Turrell will take complete control of you, if they want you sitting down and listening to John's soulful lyrics about life, love and losses - you will. And if they want you up and dancing blasting away the week's hard graft - you will be!

The album beautifully crafts the soulful and authentic funk sound that only Smoove and Turrell can deliver in such a modern way. Smoove's ridiculous record digging and production skills, combined with modern production, a seriously talented band and of course - the geordie 'must smoke 40 a day' husky tones of Mr John Turrell all form a unique sound that cannot be heard anywhere else.

Buying the album 'Eccentric Audio" upon it's release this April will leave you the very proud owner of 11 tracks which will stand the test of time and will undoubtedly become one of your favourites. There are tunes I want to mellow out to, dance to in a 1960's village hall, and tunes I'm going to rinse out in the clubs.

To get a hold of the album sign up to the Jalepeno records mailing list to be kept up to date with releases. And head over to the Smoove and Turrell website for all their info and tour dates - you HAVE to see them live with the whole band - more energy than I've seen on stage in a long time (especially their keys man - Mike Porter, swear down the man's like a spaniel pumped full of e numbers! haha)

You can enjoy a taster the guys have posted up on Soundcould below:

Eccentric Audio album preview by SMOOVE AND TURRELL

Soulsbury :)

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